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Success Strategies

Have an ERP and think you need a WMS? Maybe Not!

If you have a working ERP system, you don't have to scrap it or buy software with redundant functionality to get what you you need. Consider adding specific functions with a "Warehouse Control System."
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Liquor Distributor In-sources Operations

Software simplifies management of warehouses in Las Vegas and Reno. Silver State Liquor and Wine had a growing problem. A year ago, its 3PL no longer had the capacity to manage the increasing volume flowing through its warehouses.
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A Warehouse Manager's Best Friend

New warehouse control software automates order fulfillment processes for Sergeant's Pet Care Products. Shipment volumes at the 150,000 sq.-ft. Memphis Distribution Center of Sergeant's Pet Care Product had doubled. As the number of shipments increased, so did the number of picking and shipping errors.
Click here to find out how Tech-King Operations was part of the solution [pdf]


Complete Control System Documentation:

  • Functional Specification
  • Complete Drawing Sets
  • Operator Interface Guide
  • System Architecture
  • Equipment Interface Documents
  • Bills of Material
  • Recommended Spare Parts Lists
  • Trouble Shooting Guides
  • Product Information
  • Installation & Replacement Guides

Updates to Project Information Available on CD and on TKO Web-page:

  • Latest Revision Drawings
  • Latest Revision Software
  • Latest Revision Documentation

Product Upgrades Available on CD and on TKO Web-Page:

  • Product Bulletins
  • New Screen Functions
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • Additional Documentation
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