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Doing More With Less - SmartMoves solves productivity and space issues for St. Elizabeth Regional Health Services
SmartMoves WX, Warehouse Execution software by Tech King Operations has been implemented by St. Elizabeth Regional Health Services, Lafayette, IN to solve their productivity and space problems. read more »

SmartMoves successfully manages complex ins-and-outs of ASRS
SmartMoves, the Warehouse Control System from Tech King Operations, has been successfully implemented to manage inventory and activities of a 3 aisle mini-load system designed to stage and consolidate completed orders. read more »

SmartMoves In Warehouse Automation
Tech King Operations, the Software and Controls company that developed “Champ”, the highly successful, PC based, distribution conveyor control system, announces “SmartMoves” Warehouse Control System (WCS). read more »

Success Strategies

Have an ERP and think you need a WMS? Maybe Not!

If you have a working ERP system, you don't have to scrap it or buy software with redundant functionality to get what you you need. Consider adding specific functions with a "Warehouse Control System."
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Liquor Distributor In-sources Operations

Software simplifies management of warehouses in Las Vegas and Reno. Silver State Liquor and Wine had a growing problem. A year ago, its 3PL no longer had the capacity to manage the increasing volume flowing through its warehouses.
Click here to find out how Tech-King Operations was part of the solution [pdf]

A Warehouse Manager's Best Friend

New warehouse control software automates order fulfillment processes for Sergeant's Pet Care Products. Shipment volumes at the 150,000 sq.-ft. Memphis Distribution Center of Sergeant's Pet Care Product had doubled. As the number of shipments increased, so did the number of picking and shipping errors.
Click here to find out how Tech-King Operations was part of the solution [pdf]

SmartMoves WX Warehouse Management System

SmartMoves WX Warehouse Management System

  • An assortment of scalable software "components" assembled to create a complete warehouse system
  • Provides direct control of devices & processes on the warehouse floor
  • Inventory and Operations, Task Management / Control, Warehouse Control System, Material Handling Equipment Control

More About SmartMoves WX Warehouse Management System »

SmartMoves Warehouse Control System

  • All the tools you need to fine tune your operations performance
  • Visibility, flexibility and control
  • Integrates with your existing business system
  • Scalable, affordable and proven stability

More About SmartMoves Warehouse Control System »

CHAMP Conveyor Control System

  • Manage your conveyor system so it does not manage you
  • Real-time control of receiving, picking and sorting conveyors
  • Integrates with your existing business system
  • Integrates with our Graphical Overview System to get right to the point

More About CHAMP Conveyor Control System »

Graphical Overview System

  • Get a real-time view of how your equipment is performing
  • Quickly focuses your attention on problem areas
  • Access from any network computer allows multiple people to address issues
  • Runs as a stand-alone application or integrates with CHAMP Conveyor Control System

More About Graphical Overview System »

STS Statistical Tracking System

  • Performance metrics help you manage equipment and personnel
  • Compare results to historical data
  • View your workload as it progresses through your facility
  • Assists you in allocating your resources where needed

More About STS Statistical Tracking System »

CIMS Work In Process Control System

  • Manual or automatic order management provides production flexibility
  • Manage the work flow through your production process from a single point
  • Reduces operator interface, product waste and system downtime
  • Database interface allows you view and to maintain order information

More About CIMS Work In Process Control System »

Electrical Control Systems

  • PC and PLC-Based control system design and hardware configuration
  • Control panel drawings, device layouts and electrical schematics
  • Operator interfaces, training and system documentation
  • Onsite testing, start-up assistance and ongoing support

More About Electrical Control Systems »

Client Support Services

  • Project management by dedicated staff to ensure a seamless integration
  • Remote connectivity allows our experts to assist in you on pressing matters
  • Support plans customized to meet yours operational needs
  • All service technicians managed by escalation process

More About Client Support Services »

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