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Doing More With Less - SmartMoves solves productivity and space issues for St. Elizabeth Regional Health Services
SmartMoves WX, Warehouse Execution software by Tech King Operations has been implemented by St. Elizabeth Regional Health Services, Lafayette, IN to solve their productivity and space problems. read more »

SmartMoves successfully manages complex ins-and-outs of ASRS
SmartMoves, the Warehouse Control System from Tech King Operations, has been successfully implemented to manage inventory and activities of a 3 aisle mini-load system designed to stage and consolidate completed orders. read more »

SmartMoves In Warehouse Automation
Tech King Operations, the Software and Controls company that developed “Champ”, the highly successful, PC based, distribution conveyor control system, announces “SmartMoves” Warehouse Control System (WCS). read more »

Success Strategies

Have an ERP and think you need a WMS? Maybe Not!

If you have a working ERP system, you don't have to scrap it or buy software with redundant functionality to get what you you need. Consider adding specific functions with a "Warehouse Control System."
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Liquor Distributor In-sources Operations

Software simplifies management of warehouses in Las Vegas and Reno. Silver State Liquor and Wine had a growing problem. A year ago, its 3PL no longer had the capacity to manage the increasing volume flowing through its warehouses.
Click here to find out how Tech-King Operations was part of the solution [pdf]

A Warehouse Manager's Best Friend

New warehouse control software automates order fulfillment processes for Sergeant's Pet Care Products. Shipment volumes at the 150,000 sq.-ft. Memphis Distribution Center of Sergeant's Pet Care Product had doubled. As the number of shipments increased, so did the number of picking and shipping errors.
Click here to find out how Tech-King Operations was part of the solution [pdf]

SmartMoves WX Warehouse Management System

SmartMoves WX changes the game

SmartMoves WX Warehouse Management SystemWhat is SmartMoves WX? It is an assortment of scalable software "components" that can be "assembled" to create a complete system for controlling the flow of materials, information, and people throughout the warehouse, from receiving to shipping. From the SmartMoves WX assortment of "components", features and functions can be selected and assembled, to create a solution that manages not just inventory and order information typical of today's WMS, but can also provide WCS functionality. WX can directly communicate with the warehouse personnel to provide task control via handheld RF scanner/computers, as well as with devices such as pick-to-light hardware, and with the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) (conveyors, sorters, print and apply, etc.) And since all of these functions work from the same data base, the flow of data is faster and more accurate. No more dueling databases, excessive communications traffic issues, or trying to figure out which database is correct, because it can all work from the same database.

Like SmartMoves WX, conventional Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) provide managers with tools to manage inventory, locations, order fulfillment data, inventory movement and replenishment, receiving processes and shipping instructions. And, like SmartMoves, most systems available today can provide access and visibility to these processes via Handheld RF (radio frequency) scanner/computers.

However, most of today's Warehouse Management Systems (even the "big names") are incapable of direct control of devices and processes on the warehouse floor such as with batch order picking, put or pick-to-light, order routing conveyor or, high-speed sortation, etc. This shortcoming suffered by the typical WMS causes the need for additional software and controls systems that can do so. This additional system is known as a Warehouse Control System (WCS). It is software and hardware that can bridge the communications gap between the WMS and the ancillary systems that drive and control the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) like the before mentioned order routing conveyors, high-speed sortation systems, Pick-to-Light and voice directed tasks, and labeling applications, etc. Often the WCS is necessary to interface any or all of these disparate technologies with the business system, as well as provide order batching, consolidation, QC and other functions that may be missing from the WMS, and is usually provided by specialists other than the WMS provider.

We are often asked "is SmartMoves WX a WMS or a WCS?

We are often asked "is SmartMoves WX is a WMS or a WCS?" Well, the answer is... yes.

SmartMoves WX components can be assembled to be either, WMS or WCS, or both WMS and WCS depending upon the requirements. If you already have a working WMS a WCS may be all that is needed in order to provide additional functionality. If you're working from an ERP (Enterprise Requirements Planning) system, a basic WMS may be all that is needed, or other typically WCS type functionality can be included or added as desired.

Think of WX as a fully integrated system with WMS features controlling movement and locations of inventory and order information flow and its WCS features controlling warehouse tasks and Material Handling equipment.

Think of WX as a fully integrated system with WMS features controlling movement and locations of inventory and order information flow and its WCS features controlling warehouse tasks and Material Handling Equipment.

The SmartMoves WX assortment includes components that fall into four general categories (although there can be a lot of overlap); Inventory and Operations (traditional WMS), Task Management/Control (components available as WMS or WCS), Communications Management (WCS components), and Material Handling Equipment Control (MHE).

SmartMoves WMS (Inventory and Operations)

Here is where you will find the traditional WMS functionality like inventory/location management, receiving and put-away, order/wave management, Shipping/manifest management, order fulfillment and communication with the host computer system.

SmartMoves TMC (Task Management/Control)

Task Management and Control components are available for managing the tasks involved in the warehouse such as order fulfillment processes, and controlling the necessary devices. There are task control devices like SmartPicks LDT (Light Directed Task control), RF scanner/computers, smart carts, label printers etc. and system directed tasks to control such as Pick/Put tasks, inventory put-away, cycle counting, pick zone control, batch picking, wave picking, cartonization, QC, carton labeling, forward pick zone replenishment, pick list/label print, etc.

SmartMoves WCS (Warehouse Control System)

The primary purpose of a WCS is to bridge the communications gap between the Enterprise/Business System or WMS and the Material Handling Equipment control systems. This is critical in a warehouse using mechanization like conveyors, high-speed sorters, automatic label printer/applicators, ASRS, palletizers, and PLCs. There are also sub-systems, such as pick-to-light or voice applications that utilize a WCS. The WCS takes all the communications from these disparate systems and passes them, after converting them into the appropriate languages and protocols, to the business system or to a WMS.

There are many variables in methods, languages and protocols of Material Handling Equipment and other automation hardware that most WMS avoid by requiring a WCS to be put in place to handle those processes. SmartMoves blurs the line between WMS and WCS, and sometimes erases it altogether. This allows for speed and accuracy of transactions not achievable in other systems.

"SmartMoves blurs the line between WMS and WCS, and sometimes erases it altogether."

SmartMoves MHE (Material Handling Equipment Control)

Many warehouse and distribution applications will include the mentioned material handling equipment, which must be integrated with the information flow, to insure that product gets where it needs to be when it needs to be there. This may be a high-speed sorter moving multiple orders to multiple shipping doors for trailer loading, an ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) buffering partially completed orders, conveyor moving product to packout, open cartons or totes to the appropriate pick zones for fulfillment or completed cartons getting shipping labels automatically applied.

The control systems for equipment such as these may be PC based or PLC based or a combination of the two. These systems must have the necessary I/O (input/output) signals to provide visibility to product movement, operational status, graphical displays and even event alarms.

By utilizing our unique scalable "component based" management and control software Tech King Operations can provide SmartMoves WX functionality for the most basic warehouse application, and the incrementally more automated, to the very complex high performance distribution operation.

If you have a need to better control your warehouse processes, no matter how basic or how complex, give us a call at 513-833-1594 (sales desk) or email us.

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